Standard Eco Pulp Products

Standard Eco Pulp Packs

Pulp-Tec offers a range of specialized eco-friendly heavy duty moulded Pulp Products. They are strong, resilient and can replace expanded polystyrene, plastic and timber.

Some good examples of heavy duty pulp applications are water tank pulp end caps and boiler pulp packaging solutions.

Here is another example of large format heavy duty stackable pulp trays that we produce to hold 16 x 5 litre water bottles.

Protective end caps for steel, copper and plastic pipes are available from stock in various different sizes.

Cost effective pulp packaging
products protect fragile items in transit.

Moulded pulp products use less space in storage as they are stackable.

Delivery supplied within 7 days anywhere throughout Europe.

Pulp-Tec have an extensive range of pulp trays suitable for many diverse products.

Introducing one of our newest innovations, our Flexi-Wrap packaging sheets wrap around fragile objects of any shape or size and can also be used as void fill as an alternative to bubble wrap. Flexi-Wrap self seals by inserting cubes from one part of the product into another. Corners can be fashioned from this product for large furniture.

Pulp packaging absorbs and cushions shocks and impact during transit for glass jars and containers.

All of our products are
100% biodegradable and recyclable.

Pulp-Tec create and design a variety of unique and innovative pulp products.
Our design led philosophy makes us market leaders.

Standard Eco