Bioform ™®

Finally, there is a real replacement for plastic packaging!

Pulp-Tec’s exciting new compostable and biodegradable Bioform products look like plastic, feel and perform like plastic, but they are not plastic, nor are they made from oil, they are made from natural eco-friendly sourced materials.

It is becoming more obvious that we are all addicted to the use of plastics, all you need to do is listen to the media and they are telling us the cost to the environment is something which is having a major impact on our earth.

This is why we have been working hard to develop a product which can function exactly as you would expect the same item made of plastic to perform, but not only that, we also wanted to produce something which is sustainable, recyclable, fully bio-degradable, compostable and eco-friendly at the same time.

Our newest product Bioform™® is completely aligned with our company ethos, where we have absolutely no need to destroy the environment to produce the highest quality products, and we will happily keep you updated on the development of these new products.

Our products are OK Compost Certified!

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