About Us

Paper Pulp Solutions produce high quality moulded pulp protective packaging. Our vast range of standard off the shelf products combined with our in-house custom design capabilities makes us your one stop shop moulded pulp resource

State of the art manufacturing, innovative tooling and a committed workforce with over 70 years experience of moulded pulp allows us to be leaders in supply of high quality pulp packaging

We can provide custom items from plain to intricate, small to large, short runs in high volume. We are committed to customer satisfaction and building and maintaining customer relationships

Why Paper Pulp Solutions?


  • Low raw material cost, pulp is made from recycled paper

  • Reduced green taxes: compliance with all EU Legislation

  • Nestable Products, for storage transport and space reduction savings

  • Modern manufacturing process means low cost piece part

Paper Pulp Solutions adapted to your requirements

  • Our innovative manufacturing process enables the creation of complex shapes

  • Our products may be dyed

  • We produce both short and long runs


  • Pulp packaging is highly resistant to shocks if dropped and from transit vibration

  • Pulp packaging offers mechanical crush resistance up to several hundred kilos

  • Pulp resists damp (water, grease, blood) and carries no electrostatic charge nor generates dust

  • Manufacturing process enables repeatable dimensional accuracy continuously

Environment - Biodegradable Pulp Packaging

  • 100% recyclable, biodegradable, complies with statutory regulations

  • Endless lifespan: after use the pulp products return to the paper recycling chain

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