Moulded Pulp Packaging

Paper Pulp Solutions produce high quality moulded pulp protective packaging. Our vast range of standard off the shelf products combined with our in-house custom design capabilities makes us your one stop shop molded pulp resource

State of the art manufacturing, innovative tooling and a committed workforce with over 70 years experience of moulded pulp allows us to be leaders in supply of high quality pulp packaging

Off The Shelf Products

Protect Your Product

Moulded pulp products are made from recycled paper and can be formed into almost any three-dimensional shape for a variety of different applications.

Whether its glass bottles, windows and doors and furniture, consumer electronics, mobile phones, computers, home appliance, mushroom punnets, disposable medical products, horticultural products, food and confectionary packaging, storage boxes and shipping containers

Postal Wine Boxes

Environmentally Friendly Recycled Packaging

All Paper Pulp Solutions products are made from recycled paper and are 100% bio-degradable.

Contact us today to discover our world of innovative, eco-friendly, economical packaging products

Moulded pulp products are cost effective, eco friendly, offer excellent protection and meet all new EU Legislation on packaging materials and waste

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